Painting. All paint mixed into one colour, painted on one surface
Text and paint on wall
4 m x 3,5 m

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Painting. All paint mixed into one colour, painted on one surface.

I will mix all the paint I have into one colour, and paint it on the wall. Layer by layer, until all the paint is used. It is going to be a painting where I cannot decide its outcome beforehand. It must be big. There is a lot of paint. When you are about to create a piece of art, you will often use one of the colours that you already have. Even though you mix them this way and that, they will always continue to be the colours that make up your palette. I do not want to have a palette. There shall be no colours of mine, no colours that I always use. I am interested in making a painting that I do not know, that I cannot estimate. A painting that does not rely on my picturesque skills, but an inquiry of colour. I am taken up by colours. They drag me around the arena. I mix and I mix, but never get very far in the endless ocean of colours. I feel powerless by colours. I am controlled by them. Controlled by the colours I have, and the colours I have previously used. I have to get rid of them. Use them all up, so that I do not have to continue using them. They must be mixed together to one single colour, and this colour, must be used for one single painting. I know exactly how to do the painting, but I do not know what it is going to look like. I cannot imagine the outcome. I have not seen it before. I do not know the colour. I do not know if it will be a colour that I like, or feel like using, but either way I have to use it. Use it all. Paint it on the wall until there is no more left. It must be painted on the wall with a paint roller, making the surface as homogenous as possible. One layer at a time. A square on the wall. It shall be as big as possible. Surrounded by white space, so one can see how the paint is structured. How it enters the room. The colour is fixed in a surface so big that it absorbs you. The saturated plain colour overwhelms the viewer. The edge of the painting is not completely defined, but it is as can be, when performed with a roller. The corners of the rectangular surface are slightly curved, as if the colour materializes in the center of the wall. This is the only way the painting can be. I have to paint all the layers demanded by the amount of paint. I must see what it will look like, and it satisfies me that I cannot decide anything, but how it must be performed.